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Surround yourself with sound. The iRelax Docking Stations bring personal entertainment to a new level of comfort!

Most consumers are more comfortable when they have their media close at hand. Now it’s easier than ever to keep media charged, easy-to-find, and easy to integrate with home entertainment. The iRelax Docking stations are the wireless entertainment companion for iPods, iPhones, and any Bluetooth™ enabled media.

Functions with an iPod or iPhone (iPad?), Bluetooth, SD card, USB port, or with an Aux plug. Compatible USB or Aux items include MP3/MP4, CD/DVD player, or a notebook PC. Controls include Power, Volume, Function, Play/Pause, Stop, Fast Fwd, Fast Back.

Two versions available:

  1. iRelax Audio Docking Station relays audio to speakers within furniture. (Not TV screen)
  2. iRelax Audio/Video Docking Station relays audio and video/jpegs to a Wi-Fi enabled television or screen.

Either Docking Station will charge an iPhone or iPod. Will not charge iPad or laptop computers.

Ideal placement is in the arm of a sofa, individual recliner, in the wedge of a sectional, or other flat surface. Easy-to-install. Standard UL approved wall outlet included.


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