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Whether you need a single product or a comprehensive product line and supply chain solution, Handy will help you create the best design and the most cost savings.

Global Sourcing

We know our way around the world of sourcing

With more than 100 years of manufacturing experience, more than 40 years in global sourcing, and a deep sense of innovation and creativity, you can’t find a better partner.

We’ve become proficient in finding the best resources in material sourcing, manufacturing, warehousing, high volume freight-forwarding, customs management and distribution. We have plants in the southeast US and contracts in Mexico, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Our experience means we can help you find the right resources for your company, balancing the issues of manufacturing costs, location, costs of shipping and quality control. Picking a supplier just on cost alone can end up costing you more. That’s why HKG provides a complete overview and analysis of your production needs.

The Process

HKG uses a proven process to help you realize your sourcing needs.

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