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iRelax Laptop Table

Relaxed work is easy with a handy portable table to work where you relax.

The perfect size for laptops, netbooks, iPads, schoolwork, reading, or writing. The __ wide x__ long table with leg easily pops into a grommet, installed on upholstered furniture.

Black gloss and wood grain finishes compliment most upholstery.Other custom finishes are available.

Ideal placement is on an upholstered furniture arm. Easy to install.


iRelax Tablet Holder

Provide relaxation and enjoyment at the same time. Purchase of personal tablets is growing, and now you can increase the enjoyment of these products with the iRelax Tablet Holder. Place a Tablet computer into chair and use it without holding it yourself. Relax and swivel your tablet up, down, left, and right, into a comfortable, ergonomic position.

The Tablet Holder fits into flat surfaces, ideal in an upholstered furniture arm.

This product uses the same holder as the laptop. Use both the Tablet and Laptop holder with the same chair for media versatility.

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