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Tapes, Straps, Needles

Loops/ Twines

Snaps, Ventilators, Grommets

Tack Strips

Nails, Rings, Clips

Mattress Hardware



Here's the way to make seams look hand sewn without hand-sewing. HKG Velvet Edge™ Tack Strips have smooth, rounded edges, so your most delicate materials are safeguarded. For extra protection, Velvet Edge™ Tack Strips can be ordered with plastic sleeves.

HKG's line includes tough, economical Twines in nylon, rayon and cotton in 50 lb reels with 50 ends, so 50 lengths can be cut at once to any length. Our Tie
Nylon is extra strong and abrasion-resistant to meet your toughest standards.
It has a non-slip finish.

You save a lot of time and labor with our pre-measured, Pre-Tied Nylon Loops. And the HKG Fastuft is a complete system for tufting tight seat backs and non-reversible cushions. These pre-tied nylon loops with their retaining clips give
you a uniform, secure tuft every time. Our 1 3/8" Tufting Disc anchors pre-tied
loops on the blind side.









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