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Automatic Tufters

Automatic Tufting Equipment

Junior Tufter Machine

Our smallest automatic tufter is perfect for reversible and semi-attached backs. It pneumatically aligns and compresses cushions up to 10" thick and 31" wide in any length, with extension channels available for longer cushions. the table moves nylon rails with stops to easily set vertical and horizontal spacing. The Junior Tufter is available with horizontal bars to hold needles in preset patterns for stationary tufting. The basic model has three ultra thin needles, whit additional needles optional, and requires 60 psi nair pressure. 


Major Tufter Machine

The pneumatic cylinders of the Major Tufter compress cushions to near zero thickness. Its nine ultra-thin needles, adjustable for easily set patterns, are carried through the cushion at each stroke. Adding more needles is a simple operation. An exclusive feature permits three different depths of needles penetrations in 1/4" increments. Buttons may be placed as close as 3" apart. The frame is angled at 30° to help prevent crushed or shredded cushion fill from shifting. Accommodates 31" x 31" cushions and requires 80-100 psi air pressure. 





Master Tufter Machine

With a memory that stores up to twelve different dial-selected and easily changed button patterns the Master Tufter is the ultimate machine for high volume tufting. You tuft up to thirty buttons in one of the selected patterns at each pneumatic stroke. The modular design accommodates cushions up to 10" think, 31" wide, and 60" long. The frame is angled ate 30° to help prevent crushed or shredded fill from shifting. The needle and bar arrangement will be custom tailored to your requirements for maximum flexibility and productivity. The Master uses our ultra-thin needles for small perforations and easy cushion penetration. Tufting with the Master is one easy, one person operation. 

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