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Case Goods

Floor Glides

Floor Glides


Flat and Oval Head Nails

Wear-resisting, non-rusting Plastic Floor Glides from HKG are offered in flat and oval-head styles with 1/2" or 11/16" nails in a range of diameters and thicknesses.


One-and Three-Prong Glides

HKG heavy-duty Steel Glides with one or three prongs, are available in heavy gauge standard steel, case hardened steel, and in most sizes, stainless. You can order diameters from 3/8" to 1-1/8" (3-prong style), with roll-polished, nickel or zinc plating.

Strip Glides

HKG's specialized plastic glides can solve problems, cut costs in your plant. Our Strip Glides, molded in strips of eight, speed installation on furniture legs: Just drive a staple through the center of a glide, and snap it off the strip.

In-Plant Glides

You can slide upholstered and base-constructed pieces easily and protect the upholstery, even on rough plant floors, with HKG In-Plant Glides. Just staple them to the bottom frame rail.

RG 100 Series Glides

HKG offers a whole collection of shock-and-noise-absorbing glides, screw and nail types, in a full range of sizes. The screw or nail RG 100 Series Glides feature nickel-plated, mirror-finished steel bases with plastic cushioning.

HKG All-in-One

Glide-T-Nut Assemblies are available with any of HKG's big line of floor glides.

Cushion Glides

For added floor protection plus sound absorption, Cushioned Glides have steel bolts or nails anchored in durable high-density polyethylene bases.

The Glide That Hides

If you want your furniture to look like it's floating on the floor, HKG's new clear plastic glide does the trick. Available with 1/4-20 x 1/2" and 3/4" screws, it's tough, neutral, and perfect for dinettes and other slim-leg furniture.

The Double-Size, Double-Nail Glide

With its broad 1-13/16" x 5/8" base and 1/2" nails, this new glide gives your furniture extra stability, a really solid stance. Two nails embedded in the polyethylene base keep the glide in place for good on furniture that needs larger glide surfaces.


The "Hold-In-Almost-Anything" Glide

Nail this glide into soft woods, wood composites, even the end grain of plywood, and it holds like a terrier with a bone. The nail's threads and extra length give it more "bite" and a good strong grip in softer structural materials. The base is durable, too -- 3/4" diameter polypropylene with a 7/8" nail.

Adjustable Glides

Furniture sits solidly and level on any flooring with Adjustable Glides from HKG. Easy to install in T-Nuts or threaded inserts, we have a size and shape for just about any piece.

Heavy Duty Leveling Glides

With zinc plated steel bolts anchored in bases of the toughest nylon, Heavy Duty Leveling Glides are made for your heaviest pieces. Hex-shaped bases are easy to adjust.

The Heavy Duty Glide

Nylon is the toughest material you can put under your furniture, and this glide has a 7/8" diameter nylon base. This base, with its 5/16-18 x 1" screw, supports the heaviest pieces. The 7/8" base lets you set shelving units flush together.

Leg Adjusters

Use HKG Leg Adjusters to level heavy desks, vending and game machines. Install these bright zinc plated glides in T-Nuts or threaded bases.

Adjustable Levelers

With our Adjustable Levelers and Support Brackets, you can easily level wall units, partitions, appliances, cabinets and other pieces. The bolt screws into T-Nuts, insert caps, and corner brackets, and can be adjusted from inside or outside the cabinet.

Swivel Adjustable Levelers

For added flexibility, use our Swivel Adjustable Levelers, with a bolt that swivels from 60° degrees to vertical.

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