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Drawer Hardware

Handy Kenlin offers a wide selection of drawer hardware. Drawer Divider Supports, Drawer Hangers,  Drawer Outstops that prevent the drawer from being pulled out accidentally and Drawer Trays in a range of sizes and configurations. Contact our customer service team to learn more. 

Back Bearings

HKG Back Bearings are available in several configurations and sizes to support wood or metal center guides. They're made from tough, self-lubricating polyethylene, in natural color or beige.


Pick your system; there's a HKG drawer glide to make it work smoothly and durably. With our Tack Corner Glides you don't need staples, grooved front rails or additional machining. Just drive the polyethylene tack glide in on the front rail and install the drawer. Insert HKG Stud Corner Glides in 3/16" drilled holes for solid support for wood, metal or plastic drawers.



Saw Slot Installation

The easiest-opening, smoothest-sliding drawers have HKG glides, self-lubricating, polyethylene Drawer Glides in 1/8" saw slots in the front rail supporting the drawer. Used with our Back Bearings, they provide silk-smooth operation, guiding the drawer at the sides.

Staple or Brad Installation

If you install glides with staples or brads, HKG gives you a wide choice of types and sizes, all self-lubricating polyethylene. These feature a thinner tab, so the staple or brad is below the bearing surface.


Drawers in furniture with narrow side or tipper rails operate more easily with HKG polyethylene Tipper Glides. Install with a single staple on drawer backs or sides.

Button Glides

HKG's drawer glide collection includes a variety of polyethylene Button Glides, installed easily in drilled or punched holes in wood, metal or plastic. HKG Plastic-Headed Tacks reduce friction and wear.

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