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Cabinet Hardware


Shelf Supports

How do you support your shelves? There's HKG hardware for every system. The GRIPPER is our patented Locking Shelf Support that installs quickly, securely. Shelves snap into the Gripper support, which locks and holds them firmly in place. Ridged stems prevent loosening, and take heavy loads. Low profiles make GRIPPER Supports ideal for frameless cabinet styles.


HKG's tough polypropylene Standard Shelf Supports have a double brace under the platform to take heavy loads. We also offer Softwood Shelf Supports with larger bearing surfaces to prevent tipping caused by wood compression. Available in white, natural and brown.



If you use pin supports, HKG supplies Fluted Shelf Pins which resist turning. They adjust to slightly over-or-under-sized 1/4" holes. You can also specify Plain Shelf Pins without flutes.


To keep shelves from sliding forward, use Fluted Shelf Retaining Pins, corner back pin types.

Metal Pin-Type Supports

Use HKG Metal Pin supports for heavier loads. Solid steel, they're available with 5 mm and 1/4" pins, in brass, antique brass, nickel and black finishes.

Glue/Staple Blocks

Our specially designed Glue Blocks are ideal for drawer and cabinet construction. They resist shock without shattering and may be glued or stapled to wood to produce a strong assembly. The surfaces are uniformly flat, molded to a true 90° angle and textured to secure a good adhesive bond to wood.

Corner Braces

Keep corners perfectly square, cabinets strong and rigid with precision molded Corner Braces. They fit snugly, and enlarged stapling spaces make installation fast and precise with just a few staples. Offered with horizontal or vertical positioning flanges, with or without a centered screw boss. Made of high density, high impact polymer.

Door Catches

Over its lifetime, how many times will the door on your cabinet be opened and closed? Plenty. That's why HKG's new door catches are made for years of solid, unfailing performance. HKG catches are solid steel, bronze plated or custom finished. Designed for precise installation, the slotted strike plates are easy to position and adjust. Spring-activated rollers are polyethylene, so wood finishes won't discolor or damage them. Doors open easily, close smoothly, and are held positively--for years and years.

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