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Case Goods


Case Goods Hardware


Tapered Pad Retainers

Hold panels or glass securely in place; specify one of the HKG Glass and Panel Retainers. Our unique Tapered Pad Retainer cushions and holds glass or plastic firmly with a tapered "cat's paw" pad. This high strength retainer is ideal for curved glass, and offered in four pad lengths.




These low cost, one-piece fasteners put steel threads in wood for fast and secure component assembly. Both the Prong and Propeller types are stamped heavy gauge steel, threaded the full length of the barrel or extra secure hold. Barrel is beveled for easy insertion. Available in a rust-resisting zinc finish. With preassembled, HKG All-in-One, you install both T-Nut and glide at the same time.

Glass & Panel Retainers

Choose from a range of Standard and Disc Glass and Panel Retainers. These tough, smooth plastic retainers won't scratch or mar glass or wood, and are installed easily. Offered in a range of sizes. Clear or walnut, surface-mounted Mirror Clips are also available from HKG.

Hang Rod Flanges

For fast, easy panel assembly -- RTA or factory units -- check out HKG brass plated Fast Klips. Just align the clips, fasten them to the panels and assemble by snapping the panels together.

Hang Rod Flanges

Case goods construction often calls for a lot of specialized hardware and accessories. That's why the HKG catalog is a good place to start your search. There you find: Door Wedges and Stops to assure proper door positioning, even with distorted case or cabinet frames; Leg Protectors that guard against wet or corrosion; T-Nuts, both pronged and propeller types in a wide range of sizes; Plastic Nail Bumpers; single and double nail types; Hang Rod Flanges for 1" to 1- 1/4" rods; Post Hole Liners; in gold finish.

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