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Nails, Rings, Clips

Nails, Rings, Clips

HKG Decorative Nails and Nail Strips open fresh new design possibilities, distinctive touches you add with a nail gun or hammer. You can specify nails with nickel, gilt, french natural or relieved antique finishes, brass or steel heads. Prefer color? Order HKG steel metalene nails in any of dozens of shades. Standard shanks are 1/2"; other lengths also available.


When your design calls for a continuous line of decorative nailheads, use HKG Nail Strips. Staple and nail-on type strips are available in gilt, french natural and nickel finishes. HKG can also supply Panel Nails to fasten upholstered panels to the front of chair arms. All the hardware the furniture maker needs: you'll find it in the HKG catalog. Snap Hooks and Rings...round and D-rings...and a full range of Steel Clips.

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