Mattress Hardware


Tufting Tapes & Straps


HKG #100 Mattress Tapes

HKG's #100 polyester cloth mattress tufting tapes are 11/16" wide with 5/8" clip at both ends. The fabric covered clips can be anchored with felt washers or stand alone. Install with HKG's #100 regular or ejector needles. Available in 1/2" increments from 1-1/2" and up. Inquire about special colors



HKG Euro Mattress Tapes

HKG's nylon mattress tufting tapes with 7/8" molded plastic clips at both ends are widely used for futon and mattress tufting. They can stand alone or be anchored with felt washers and/or rosettes. Install with HKG's #100 regular or ejector needles. Available in 1/2" increments from 1" and up. Inquire about special colors.

HKG Fastufts and Pre-tied Loops

HKG's fastufts and pre-tied loops are excellent option for both inner and outer mattress tufting. Fastufts can be purchased pre-assembled with one or two clips and are available in 1/2" increments starting at 1" and up. Install with HKG's regular and ejector fastuft needles.


HKG's nylon twine loops can be used to attach covered buttons and rosettes. Available in1/2" increments starting at 1". Install with HKG 8402 pull and push through needles.

Rosettes, Felt Washers and Mattress Tufting Buttons



HKG's Rosettes can be easily attached with HKG's Euro Tapes, Fasftufts and Twine Loops. They can be cut open to create a pompon appearance. Available in white and cream.

Felt Washers

HKG's Small and Large felt washer scan be attached with HKG's #100 and Euro Mattress Tufting Tapes. Available in white. Inquire about special colors.

Mattress Tufting Buttons

HKG's Mattress Tufting Buttons are molded plastic and designed for use in the United Mattress Button Tufting Machine. Available in gray and white.


Tufting Needles


Air Powered Ejector Needle

HKG's air powered ejector needle is the easiest way to install #100 and Euro mattress tufting tapes, and Fastufts. The air powered plunger ejects the clip from the needle. Available in 9" and 14" models.

Euro Ejector Needle

HKG's Euro ejector needle allows adjustable tension pressure on the clip, which simplifies the tufting process. In one swift motion the needle can be used to install HKG's #100 or Euro mattress tapes. 13" length.

Lever Ejector Needle

HKG's lever ejector needle can be used to install #100 and Euro mattress tapes, and fastufts. The clip is held in the needle and released upon activation of the needle lever. Available in 9" and 13" models.

#100 and Fastuft Regular Needles

HKG's regular #100 and fastuft needles push and pull are available in 10" and 17" lengths.



Our solid brass ventilators have a beveled under-edge which holds firmly to any ticking, plastic or fabric. Use washers for thinner materials. Gold color and nickel finishes.

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