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The evolution of a century-old manufacturing company into an agile, responsive global resource.  Personal service is an Handy Kenlin Group hallmark. Here or anywhere in the world, Handy Kenlin Group's experienced technical, design and engineering support is available wherever you manufacture or market.

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About Us

Chances are, over the past century every leading furniture maker in the country has relied on hardware and equipment from Handy Kenlin Group. And most of the top companies are still customers today; they've made Handy Kenlin Group the furniture industry's favorite hardware resource.


Upholstered furniture people depend on Handy Kenlin Group's broad line of hardware, button parts and covering machines. Bedding manufacturers look to HKG for tufting supplies and machines.


Our highly engineered buttons, tacking strip and diversified product line are unrivaled in the industry.


Case goods and cabinet builders rely on Handy Kenlin Group hardware and accessories. This century-long loyalty is no accident; it's based on those “old fashioned” basics—capability, dependability, and service.


The Rite-Trak drawer guide system is the number one brand in the category and is preferred by leading furniture makers both in the US and globally.

Our Evolution

We’ve thrived over the years because we emphasize delivering quality products, exceptional service and staying with and ahead of our customers’ needs.


Our quality control systems are as sophisticated and effective as any in the industry, with statistical process control and CAD-CAM programs for product development and tooling. These are the keys to Handy Kenlin Group’s consistent quality, piece-after-piece uniformity.

HKG prides itself on delivering more than the customer expects. More in lasting product performance, and more in service and support—globally.


Our promise

We'll work with you to meet your toughest delivery schedules, your most exacting specifications.


  • We can modify or design products to meet your needs precisely. Handy Kenlin Group's patented products are industry standards.

  • We can help you make your supply lines and distribution more efficient, your production more cost-effective.

Readily-available customer service and unwavering product reliability have made HKG the partner of furniture builders around the world. No supplier in the industry has developed more innovations, more new hardware ideas to bring added quality, performance, and durability to your products.

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