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Replacement Parts Orders


Thank you for contacting Handy Kenlin Group.  We would like to direct you here for these parts.

Furniture Savings.Com OR their toll-free number of 888-484-6429.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is the manufacturer of the furniture?

 The name of the manufacturer usually appears on the inside of one of the drawers or on the back of the furniture. 


What if I don't know who made the furniture or how long ago it was bought?
Fill in the information if you can.


What if I only need the plastic part for the drawer and not the plastic for the case?
We package and ship both parts as a set and it is best to replace both components.

Can't I just measure the metal part and tell you the size to send?
No, there are many different styles of drawer guides and case runners and we need to see the part to make sure we send the correct length and model.


Can't I just send the form over the internet by email without sending the metal parts?
No,we want to make sure you receive the correct replacement parts.


Do you accept credit cards?
No, we only accept checks or money orders.


Can I come to your facility to pick-up parts?
No, orders can only be processed by mail.

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