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You can tap our experience, technical support, and manufacturing strength no matter where your markets

are located.

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Our Services

We'll work with you to meet your toughest delivery schedules and your most exacting specifications. Often we modify or design products to meet your needs precisely.

Handy Kenlin Group can provide you with distinct advantages of a "One Stop" source of supply. We'll help to reduce labor costs, tooling costs and provide availability to alternative materials. We have all the tools for short runs or long, big parts or small, plus over 100 years of metalworking experience. 

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Our Facilities

For over 100 years, The Handy Kenlin Group has been and continues to be a major supplier of high-quality hardware and accessories to almost every recognized residential furniture manufacturer around the world. In addition to our U.S. facilities, our operation base in China has been recently expanded to be able to produce a variety of products that can be built to your specifications, finished, packed and shipped assembled or KD.


We can help you with labor-intensive components and assemblies to reduce your manufacturing costs.


This is all supported by a staff of engineers and quality assurance personnel, a complete product testing center, as well as warehouse facilities for staging, container loading, and shipping.

Our Facilities
Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Steel Stamping

  • Roll-Forming

  • Plating

  • Finishing

  • Powder Coating

  • Injection Molding

  • Plastic Extrusion

  • Screw Machining

  • Packaging

  • Woodworking

  • Assembly

  • Insert Molding

  • Aluminum Extrusion

  • Die Casting

  • Vacuum Forming

Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering

Add the Handy Kenlin Group team to your staff.  Make us your partners and you'll find more new ideas, more new ways to improve designs, engineering, even production and distribution. We'll work with you to improve present products, help you to modify them for more cost-efficient production. And most important in today's competitive global marketplace, we'll help you develop new concepts. You can tap this experience, technical support, and manufacturing muscle no matter where your markets are located.

CAD/CAM Design

HKG CAD-CAM department assures precision tool design, maximum production efficiency, and product quality.


Our quality control systems are as sophisticated and effective as any in the industry, with statistical process control and CAD-CAM programs for product development and tooling. These are the keys to HKG’s consistent quality, piece-after-piece uniformity.

CAD/CAM Design
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