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Handy Kenlin Group is buttons—and today, a whole lot more. But buttons are where we started more than a hundred years ago, and we've been the leading supplier of covered button parts and covering technology ever since. That experience is one of the big reasons furniture, bedding, and garment manufacturers consider HKG their exclusive one-stop source for buttons and covering know-how. The HKG catalog is another reason: You find more types, styles and sizes of button parts and finished buttons at HKG than at any other supplier, anywhere.

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Button Shells

HKG shells range from 9/16" to 2 1/2" (22 to 100 ligne) in diameter. Standard shells are corrosion-resistant; we also supply zinc plated shells. Waxed, specially-selected shells are ideal for fast feeding in hopper-fed machines. Standard shells come in regular and soft tempers; extra-hard and extra-soft shells also available.

Button Backs

Zinc-plated steel or aluminum, HKG button backs resist rust and corrosion. Two types of Wire-Eye Backs are offered -- the standard heavy-duty eye and the smaller eye back for more delicate materials. You'll also find Nylon Hook Backs that eliminate hand tying in HKG's catalog, as well as tufting discs and loops with Fastuft Clips. HKG also supplies No-Dent Corrugated Nail Backs, Threaded Nail Backs, Prong and Pivot Buttons.

Finished & Snap Buttons

HKG offers Assembled Metal Buttons with prong or wire eye backs, with brushed brass, bright gold or nickel finishes. Nylon Hook Buttons in a range of colors can simulate upholstered buttons. HKG also offers a line of Snap Buttons that snap together on upholstered panels; these can be covered on standard dies.

Scale of Button Sizes

Buttons are measured by the English standard of 40 lignes per inch. Therefore, a 30 ligne  button is 3/4" diameter, a 45 ligne button is 1-1/8" diameter, and so on. The diagram shows the size of a button shell before covering.

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